Dear OpenVMS user,
it is a time to play on OpenVMS!

This is OpenVMS port of the latest DOOM-2 game realization named PrBOOM ( based on
libSDL ( library set.

Go to libSDL OpenVMS porting site
Download, compile and install libraries:

1. libSDL
You need latest version (minimum required 1.2.14)

2. SDL_Net

3. SDL_Mixer

Now you are ready to compile PrBOOM
$@configure opengl

Copy to [.DATA] any WAD files you wish from DOS version DOOM (in the [.DATA] you can find doom.wad "hell on the Earth" already).
$@doom 640 480
And play!

If you dont wish to build with OpenGL support, please run without "opengl" keyword.


P.S. 640 and 480 is a width and height of the game window. You may type any resolution you wish (and you videocard and CPU can).
Also, you may edit and add any options you wish, such as -fullscreen.

Alexey Chupahin
Rostov-on-Don, Russia